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Non-fiction author, corporate refugee, marketer, award-winning adjunct professor. Arts nonprofit board member. Hopelessly interested in everything.
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I’m an avid home cook, and one of my favorite cooking shows had a segment that blew my mind.

In it, a taster was asked to try two pieces of chocolate and say which one they liked better. During each tasting, different music was subtly playing in the background. The taster took a bite of each then described in detail the texture, flavor, notes, mouthfeel, and melting point of each piece of chocolate on his tongue. While he said they tasted ‘similar,’ he described each one very differently.

Like me, you too may have suspected that the pieces of chocolate…

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For most of my life, I have been a people-pleaser. I took on too much to satisfy others and felt resentful when I became overwhelmed and stressed out with no time for myself.

And then I read:

“No“ is a complete sentence.

It changed my life. Thanks to the beautiful book, The Empath’s Survival Guide by Dr. Judith Orloff, I learned that saying “No” is a necessary self-care practice.

I knew that I had to learn to say No and set proper boundaries for myself so I’d have time to do the creative things I wanted to pursue (like writing…

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Prospects sometimes ask, “What am I doing wrong?” or they tell me, “I’ve been doing XYZ marketing, but it isn’t working.

The answer might be that you ARE doing the right thing, but not to the right segment, or your timing is off, or even that the tactic is being done correctly, but strategically it doesn’t make sense.

Telecomm company’s crossed signals:

A telecommunications company spent a significant portion of its marketing budget on an email list purchase, and the effort failed.

Why? Their timing was all wrong. Their acquisition campaign targeted public school administrators and dropped the first week of September — the…

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I pledge to submit 30 articles in 30 days.

This challenge could not have come at a better time for me. I’ve needed a kick in the Medium butt for a while, and this sure is that. Manasi Kudtarkar told me about this awesome opportunity, and I jumped in with both feet. In fact, I’ve already submitted two other articles today.

One story was submitted to The Ascent, who so far has rejected me twice, and I published one in my own publication, Only4Onlies.

I pledge to update this with my progress and will use this opportunity to step out…

Wonderful, thanks so much. I'll submit my introduction. Here's to a great challenge!

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Show your employees, clients, and prospects the love they crave. How? By implementing these easy, inexpensive Customer Service strategies.

It all begins with training. Once your business has customer-facing employees of any kind, Customer Service training must become part of your marketing strategy.

Why? Because front line employees can have a greater impact on brand perception than any other factor and can kill even the best marketing intentions on contact. Literally.

If hearing “You’re all set,” or “Here you go,” irritates you too, then you know what I mean. In no way do they replace a “Thank you.”

Saying Thank…

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In the United States, the increase of one-child families doubled from 11% of the population in 1976 to 22% in 2015. That means there were 70,554,000 singletons.

Does that number surprise you?

It does me.

It’s more than I would have thought. Then again, not everyone is so open about sharing their singleton status with others. Most of us have encountered the standard prejudiced retort, “Oh, you must have been spoiled.

No. Not even close. My mother worked full time, and by the time I was 7, I was a latchkey kid and was expected to do the ironing (a…

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Welcome to Only4Onlies!

Why you may ask, would I start a publication for only children? Well, why not?

I searched for such a community, and when I could not find one, I created Only4Onlies. I did find stories about being an only child, but they are scattered about in different publications or had been self-published.

Now they have a home.

The backstory to all of this came about three years ago when I had a revelation about my relationships and realized the people I got along best with were other singletons, whether friends, family, colleagues or romantic partners.

For as…

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Welcome to Only4Onlies.

Are you an only child who wants to be heard? This is your safe place.

Do you love being an only? Hate it? Are you tired of being stereotyped and prejudged? Are you interested in how your birth order affects your relationships? Your worldview?

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a community dedicated to singletons, you’ve found it!

How to submit

Only4Onlies accepts high-quality stories about living life as an only child. O4O accepts previously published stories and drafts.

To be added as a writer, email a short introduction and your story link to

Story requirements

Please keep in…

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Public Relations is a powerful marketing tool.

Strategically, publicity benefits help establish your thought leadership, launch a new business, and gain exposure to a wider audience.

Did you know that getting editorial coverage is perceived as more credible than advertising? And, that editors are always looking for content?

Public Relations is cost-effective and sometimes can be free; all it takes is your time and patience getting your message across to the right editor.

A professional publicist has the media contacts and skills to assist you should you need a more comprehensive public relations plan. …

Randye S Spina, MBA

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