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Non-fiction author, corporate refugee, marketer, award-winning adjunct professor. Nonprofit board member. Hopelessly interested in everything.

15 seconds is all you have

It’s been said that within the first two seconds of a person meeting you, their initial impression is whether they trust you or not. The same goes for your website visitors.

A recent survey done by found that

15 seconds is all the time you have to capture a prospect’s attention and keep them on your website

In both business and consumer marketing, it is imperative to establish trust and to convey it quickly.

Just the other day, I clicked on a site that I found from a search. The site’s copyright date was three years ago, and one…

In one American city, voter turnout has doubled as a result

Next week, on June 22nd, for the first time, New York City is implementing ranked-choice voting in its upcoming Democratic Primary Mayoral election. This is a historic event as this type of voting is gaining momentum and giving rise to a whole new way of thinking about elections.

What is Ranked-Choice Voting?

This type of voting allows and encourages (but does not require) voters to choose more than one candidate by using columns and rankings to vote for up to five candidates in order of preference.

This New York Times article shows what a ballot would look like and how to use it and…

We’re halfway through the year — already

Six months into 2021 and, here in the US, we finally see the light at the end of the Pandemic tunnel. People are emerging from their caves, and almost all of the 50 states have fully re-opened.

What are you looking forward to?

I’ve been enjoying live arts events and time with friends having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that survived the pandemic by pivoting. They turned a portion of their parking lot into an outdoor dining experience. Here’s a photo I took of how they handled it. Smart, right?

Because no one can tell your story better than you

Jerry Seinfeld’s joke said it best “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.


So, why does this fear still exist given our outspoken, put it all out there society? It seems people are afraid to be judged. …

Using the power of business to solve society’s big challenges

B Corps, also known as benefit corporations, are companies that have been certified by one of three independent organizations: B Lab (United States), Social Enterprise Alliance (SEAS), or International Living Future Institute.

The term “benefit corporation” was coined in 2006 when a group of entrepreneurs gathered at the University of California-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business with one goal: To create innovative company structures that would help address some of society’s most pressing problems. The result was an entity they called a Benefit Corporation (B Corp).

According to B Lab’s website, its mission is:

To transform the global economy to benefit…

I couldn't agree more. I am on the board of a non profit arts organization. Though not an artist myself, I am a communicator and marketer.

Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it.

Don’t sell me; let me buy

I’m an avid online consumer, and also a marketing professional so I’m always hyper-aware of the marketing that’s directed at me.

Because of an allergy to chemicals used in most major drugstore brand shampoos and other lotions and potions for eyes and face, I’ve had to switch products. The allergist told me, “That’s why bottles of shampoo can sit on a shelf for months and months — they’re filled with formaldehyde and other preservatives.”

They’re filled with WHAT?!?!

That was last year and I’m still learning what my triggers are, but it’s next to impossible to figure this out because…

It’s safer and less expensive

The world of Virtual Reality is fast becoming more popular as a way for companies to solve problems, increase productivity, and train employees. The problem with VR in the past was that it has been too expensive for many smaller businesses.

Virtual Reality is especially useful when used for employee training. It provides an engaging, fun way to train employees in a variety of industries.

Now with more affordable options available, what does this mean for small business owners?

According to a Harvard Business Review article, studies have shown that VR training can be more effective than traditional in-person training…

Bottom line, you’re running a marketing campaign

What does a job or gig search have in common with a Fortune 100 marketing campaign? More than you might think.

I spoke about this in my recent Facebook live workshop as a guest on Digital Media Sync, hosted by my friend and colleague Giulia Gouge.

The 5Ps of Marketing (formerly known as the 4Ps) is the basic structure used to build a marketing campaign. My philosophy is that they’re the same for a job or gig search, only tweaked a bit:

Product = is YOU; Price = is salary; Place = is where you want to work; Packaging =…

Randye S Spina, MBA

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